Andrew H. Card, Jr.

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Andrew H. Card, Jr.


Andrew H. Card, Jr. - Hired 1967 - McJobs

Andrew H. Card, Jr. – Hired 1967

“McDonald’s was a great equalizer—wealthy and poor, black and white stood in the same lines and sat at the same booths.” – Andrew H. Card, Jr.

Andrew Card was a young husband, father, and college student when he began his three years working at a McDonald’s in Columbia, South Carolina. Being slightly older and more settled than most of the crew, he fell into a leadership role. He enjoyed mentoring and serving as an example for others, along the way teaching a young man a surprising lesson about integrity. He recalls developing instincts that served him well in his career, including five and a half years in the White House as President George W. Bush’s chief of staff. Card would later say that running the White House was like working a fast-food counter during a lunch hour rush that never ends.

Hired 1967 – McJobs, a Golden Opportunity.

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