College Credit @ McDonald’s

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McDonald’s Employees can earn college credit and college assistance when working at McDonald’s restaurants.  Partnerships between employers, like McDonald’s and universities can turn on-the-job training into academic credit.

While this story speaks to the opportunity provided to Solomon Peters, of Ontario, Canada; the same program and benefits exist for McDonald’s team members here in the US.

Solomon will graduate this semester after pursuing a two-year diploma part-time, along with two other managers in Toronto.  His college will count the fast food chain’s in-house training for managers as the equivalent of first-year business studies.

There is no better way to share “education” programs to students than to have an employer saying we need you when you graduate.

For their part, employers are keen to build relationships with colleges to recruit and retain top employees.

“That is an incredible talent pool,” says McDonald’s Hardman, who notes the high number of corporate employees who began their careers in the company’s fast-food kitchens. “These are potential owner-operators and potential future executives and even better managers who bring other great talent along.”

As for Peters, earning a diploma while at McDonald’s only fed his appetite for further studies after college. Though he plans to remain with the company, he is considering a possible university degree in business.

With so much on-the-job training and classroom study, does he see himself as a future owner of a McDonald’s outlet?

“Of course,” he laughs. “You never know.”    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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