Ana Madan

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Ana Madan
Ana Madan - Hired 1974 - McJobs

Ana Madan – Hired 1974

“One of my biggest challenges is keeping alive in my children the family tradition of working as hard as you can to take advantage of the opportunity we have had.” – Ana Madan

Ana Madan was an infant when her family fled Fidel Castro’s regime after he seized power in Cuba in 1959. They arrived in Miami where her parents encountered their first McDonald’s and saw an opportunity to create a stable future for their displaced family.

Ana’s parents scraped by while creating new lives and working toward their entrepreneurial dreams. Her father ended up buying a McDonald’s restaurant and in 1986 she became a franchisee herself.

Today, she is an owner/operator of multiple restaurants in New Jersey and, with her father, is a leader in the Hispanic business community.

Hired 1974 – McJobs, a Golden Opportunity.

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