Anahi Mendoza Ochoa

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Anahi Mendoza Ochoa

Anahi Mendoza

Anahi Mendoza

My name is Anahi Mendoza Ochoa. This is the story of my McDonald’s experience and how it has unfolded and continues to develop and give back to my life.

I started as crew in the restaurants and I quickly learned of all the possibilities and opportunities working for this company – I saw this as my “golden opportunity”. I worked my way up through the “ranks” in the restaurants as they say in our environment. I had a goal to become a restaurant manager, to become the boss of my own restaurant, and this I have achieved. I have always been a person to set my goals high and to start from the beginning and improve to the highest place. It’s about me showing me I can achieve my goals. McDonald’s teaches you how to do this very well. Throughout my career I have had many roles: a coach, a mentor, a team player, advisor, counselor and the list goes on, but for me it’s been about keeping a steady balance to all roles in my life and succeeding no matter how hard it appears at times.

I am a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, an instructor, a coach, etc. for my kids at home as well. I have 6 children, all boys, between the ages of 1 and 15 and 4 of them were born while working for McDonald’s. I am the oldest and only child of my 8 siblings who was born in Acapulco, Mexico. I am proud of my heritage and accomplishments in life, but in McDonald’s it’s the awards you receive as a manager, the recognition that keeps you going and the lives you impact along the way. I have been presented the outstanding manager award three years in a row and most recently achieved the Ray Kroc award in 2013. The Ray Kroc award is a nation-wide honor created in 1999 to reward and recognize the best U.S. general managers-an achievement only given to the top 1% from Franchisee’s and Corporate owned McDonald’s restaurants.

I have been very fortunate to receive the immense support of my husband Angel who understands the long hours and the responsibilities’ of running a multimillion dollar business. I hope someday my dream to own my own McDonald’s restaurant becomes a reality we can both be very proud of for all that we have accomplished together.

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