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It is far too often that we wait for opportunity to find us versus going out and actively searching for it.  The following story about LaSandra Boykin is just one example of asking for what we believe we can do and deserve.

When we master a certain job responsibility, we generally have a couple of options: 1) Keep going as usual and enjoy your success and quality of life, or 2) Ask for a bigger opportunity with greater challenges.

Sometimes, the security of option one sounds good, yet before long you might  find yourself bored and looking for something that is more demanding and stimulating.  Take a look at this NY times article:

For years, LaSandra Boykin worked as an analyst in Delta Airline’s catering operations division. During a performance review, Boykin asked to move into a completely different job. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do, yet she did speak up and share her deep desire to give back to the Atlanta community. Speaking up won her a new opportunity: Boykin took on a project in the airline’s community engagement department.

While uncomfortable, it is best to let others know what you want and hear leadership perspective on the potential for such an opportunity.  While you may hear, “great idea, how can I help”, or “this is an option if we can define a plan for you to garner a certain skill”, or even “The likelihood of this occurring is small”.  All the responses provide an opportunity for you to better define the potential actions for accomplishing your goal.  Even if you are told that the goal is not achieveable from your current position, consider alternative ways you might get there.

As we have heard, ‘speak now or forever hold your peace”.  While do not commit to any one job or career for life, we are most likely to accomplish our goals and purpose by sharing our goals and wishes with others.  There will always be mentors and advocates who will assist.  They often just don’t know you need them.

Click the link to the right to read about LaSandra and Asking for what you want.

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