Ask for what you want

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It is far too often that we wait for opportunity to find us versus going out and actively searching for it.  The following story about LaSandra Boykin is just one example of asking for what we believe we can do and deserve. When we master a certain job responsibility, we generally have a couple of options: 1) Keep going as usual and enjoy your success and quality of life, or 2) Ask for a bigger opportunity with greater challenges. Sometimes, the security of option one...

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Success Begins with People

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A Wall Street CEO who started out as a Walmart cashier shares his best career advice.  While many skills, strategies and execution are key to success, the relationship with people is what really counts. Kevin Turner, the former Microsoft chief operating officer is joining Citadel Securities as chief executive officer.  He will also be the vice chairman of parent company Citadel, which manages $24 billion as of June. Prior to Microsoft he worked his way up at Walmart,...

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Back in 2009, when Fatima Poggi was hired at McDonald’s, she had no idea of the possibilities. Fatima was a young purivian-born girl who loved to sing yet she was unsure what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to buy a car and knew that a steady job was necessary for this to be a reality. This is what brought her to McDonald’s. One morning, she had gone to breakfast with her mother and father and saw the Now Hiring sign, applied and was hired the same...

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Preparation = Opportunity

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“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”.  We have all heard this before, yet most people doubt that “real opportunity” will find them. Golden Opportunities actually exist just about everywhere.  While this book speaks to the success of individuals who have worked for McDonald’s, consider finding your opportunity where ever you are working. A retail success story  includes, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor working together at...

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Business Hero – Front line to CEO

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Scholarship Opportunity - learn more   An unsung hero Charlie Bell, the first non-American CEO of McDonald’s, is quoted in Charles Farlies book (April 2017), ’50 Unsung Business Hero’s’.  “Charlie is a  true success story of hard-work and dedication to a vision.  He was driven and focused, in a word “committed”. He started as a teenager at Kingsford McDonald’s in Australia.  Charlie worked his way up through the ranks, to...

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Bezos – McDonald’s to Forbes

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Many may not realize that Jeff Bezos started his work life in the kitchen of a McDonald’s restaurant. Several articles in the past 60 days speak to his continued MISSION to create efficiency. The recent purchase of Whole Foods along with innovation of the start-up company Blue Origin, accentuate his consumer insight and focus. In the Book ‘Golden Opportunity’, Jeff shared the following comment….. “You learn a lot as a teenager working at...

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