'Golden Opportunity' was added to accessmcd.com yesterday

Posted by on Jul 27, 2013 in Author's Blog | 3 comments

What a great opportunity for the  McFamily to see the benefits in being associated  with McDonald’s.

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  1. Mrs Cody Teets Thanks so much for putting this book on access MCD. I WILL BE SPEAKING TO 50-70 YOUNG LADIES ON Aug. 18th about Managing McDonald’s for a career. I’ve been around 36 years here in Atl. So Awesome to see Bridgette and Hank Thomas along with many others that I’ve worked with. Your book will certainly help me to REPRESENT Mcdonald’s in a very respectful way!!!
    Diane Lay

  2. Diane,
    Thanks for your voice and your passion in sharing the McDonald’s story of success.

  3. I must say it does take a lot of work, though it truly depends how much time you have.

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