Janice L. Fields

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Janice L. Fields
Janice L. Fields - Hired 1978 - McJobs

Janice L. Fields – Hired 1978

“Had it not been for the kind words of a stranger, my career might have been quite different.” – Janice L. Fields

It would be hard to imagine a career as remarkable as that of Janice Fields. Starting out on crew working at the front counter, she discovered her calling—making people happy—and began her rise through the ranks. Thirty-two years later, in January 2010, Janice was named president of McDonald’s USA, overseeing about 14,000 restaurants employing more than 800,000 employees. Jan’s journey has inspired many other women in the business world, and she has made it a point to mentor individuals along the way.

Hired 1978 – McJobs, a Golden Opportunity.

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