LTC Michael D. Grice, USMC

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LTC Michael D. Grice, USMC
LTC Michael D. Grice, USMC - Hired 1983 - McJobs

LTC Michael D. Grice, USMC – Hired 1983

“I learned that success meant being the person who requires the least managing. It’s what I teach my officers, my Marines, and the people I work with.” – LTC Michael D. Grice

McDonald’s is often compared to a military organization because it is managed in a structured way with clear chains of command and consistent procedures. On his way to a successful career as a Marine officer, Mike Grice says much of what he learned about working in a high-pressure environment, being a good crew member, and being an inspiring manager was directly applicable in his professional life. Those lessons served him well during his tours of duty in Afghanistan, where he had to coordinate his unit with multiple coalition partners.

Hired 1983 – McJobs, a Golden Opportunity.

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