Mindy Bloom

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Mindy Bloom
Mindy Bloom - Hired 1979 - McJobs

Mindy Bloom – Hired 1979

“Just like working on crew at a restaurant, at the Ronald McDonald House it’s a team effort. If you’re walking down the hall and you see that somebody needs something, you pitch in.” – Mindy Bloom

Many crew members move up into the ranks of management, a few of those become owner/operators, and a small number become vendors. Mindy Bloom’s journey is unique because it began when she was a child meeting Ronald McDonald, continued when she worked on crew, then later for a vendor, and came full circle when she became development director of the Ronald McDonald House in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The powerful story she shares here about a little girl named Serena illustrates why so many are passionate about Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Hired 1979 – McJobs, a Golden Opportunity.

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