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What These 7 Billionaires Did In Their First Jobs – Jeff Bezos

Stamford Advocate

Jeff Bezos – “I was a grill man and never worked the cash registers. The most challenging thing was keeping everything going at the right pace during a rush. The manager at my McDonald’s was excellent. He had a lot of teenagers working for him, and he kept us focused even while we had fun.”

McDonald’s Jobs Taught Bezos, Leno And Others 7 Big Lessons

George Anders - Forbes

Add it all up, and Golden Opportunity is more than a collection of rocking-chair stories from long ago. It’s an ingenious way of making McDonalds’ distinctive culture come alive — in ways that can benefit anyone trying to plan a career, get a big company back on track, or parent a teenager.

McDonald’s: The Golden Opportunity – Interview – Moving Up the Ladder

Golden Opportunity Book

McDonald’s needs no introduction as one of the most recognizable companies in the world, but many people don’t think about them much beyond the individual restaurants they eat in

5 Life Lessons Learned Working at McDonald’s

Jeanette Mulvey - BusinessNewsDaily - McDonald's - Golden Opportunity

“I was one of those when I started my career at McDonald’s three decades ago. I stayed with the company, but was always curious about the majority of young people who stay a year or less and go on to careers in other fields,”

Jeff Bezos Talks About His Old Job At McDonald’s, Where He Had To Clean Gallons Of Ketchup Off The Floor

Kim Bhasin - Business Insider - Kim Bhasin - Business Insider - Golden Opportunity - Jeff Bezos

It’s interesting to see what Bezos actually learned from his time at a place like McDonald’s. A Campbell’s Soup exec also noted the value of his time at McDonald’s

Golden Opportunity: Remarkable Careers That Began at McDonald’s – Book review

Cody Teets - Hired 1980 - McJobs

I highly recommend the very personal and life lesson filled book Golden Opportunity: Remarkable Careers That Began at McDonald’s by Cody Teets, to anyone who is seeking a job, a career changes, or in understanding more deeply the lessons that can be learned from employment at McDonald’s Restaurants.

Reviews from - Book Reviews Golden Opportunity

I love success stories and this book is filled with them. I also love it when someone upsets a stereotype — in this case, “burger flippers with no future.” Story after story of people who started at minimum wage and have become hugely successful and contributing members of society. The book is well organized, written and edited. Kudos to Ms. Teets!

Reviews from Barnes & Noble

Golden Opportunity - Cody Teets - Reviews from Barnes & Noble

This is a really interesting book that shows just how talented people really are. It is fascinating that so many diverse and famous people, such as Jeff Bezos, Andie McDowell, and Jay Leno all started their working lives at the Golden Arches. There are a lot of lessons to be learned about the value of hard work, teamwork, and dedication to being successful in this book. A great read!

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