One employee tells why she is proud and "lovin" working at McD's.

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One employee tells why she is proud and "lovin" working at McD's.

In light of the “wage protests” yesterday, one employee tells why she is proud and “lovin” working at McD’s.

Today was quite the interesting day and many topics came to mind throughout it. So, I guess over the next several days I will be making quite a few posts. Surprise! :)

One thing I do want to mention, however, not go into full discussion over is what seems to be a big topic in the news today. While I am sure everyone has their own opinions on the current subject, I reserve my right to speak my mind…however, I may seem to go against the flow on this one. You can either agree or politely disagree. That is the beauty of free speech.

So, here it goes…

Many times throughout the day, several customers were surprised to see me at work. Their comments went along the lines of … “I’m surprised you’re not striking…”
I was confused at first. Did I miss some crucial, epic moment? I didn’t realize I was that behind on my news flashes. Apparently, I was. So, what did I do on my break?!? That’s right…lol…I googled it. And here is my take…

1. I love my job. I am happy and content. Money isn’t everything. I know many people that make lots of it and HATE their jobs. I like seeing smiling faces looking back at me. I like helping others. Yeah! I don’t make a fortune and like everyone else…money is, at times, a good thing. However, in my case, I have been blessed. I do what I do because I WANT to do it, not because I HAVE to. I have had other offers, I have (w/ respect and gratefulness) turned down offers, I have had other opportunities…however, I have found peace where I am at. I have also been blessed in that my husband is our main provider and I dabble in freelancing.

2. I like my employers. They have been good to me. They lift me up and don’t tear me down. They teach me what I need to know to be successful.

3. I can understand that others DEPEND heavily on this income to get by and I respect that. Everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do. I will not take that away from anyone. I truly believe everyone deserves respect and the right to earn a fair living.

4. No! I am not striking…because I have no reason to. If I am happy and content – then I honestly don’t see the point for me to take such drastic measures.

Simply put, I have the highest respect for my employers because, currently, I have no reason to think any differently of them. I have always been treated fairly and see positive things so far. I love what I do and that’s that. Like I said before, it is all in how you choose to look at things. It is all within the perspective and attitude one chooses to take. In my case, I am staying motivated and positive. I do what I do because I like to see others smile and I like serving our our customers. I feel good doing what I do. ~
So, keep pushing on everyone and SMILE!!

From a book that I am currently reading…(which I highly recommend because it has a lot of great points for success so far) “…you’ve got to remember something. You are an actor, that is your stage out there, and your audience is sitting in all the cars.” (Well said…and I couldn’t agree more) (Quote by Ray Kroc, taken from Golden Opportunity: Remarkable Careers That Began at McDonald’s, pg. 10, Teets, Cody. CiderMill Press. 2012)

Read more at That’s my job & I’m lovin’ it! by Melissa Schenk

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