Patricia Navarro-Issel – An example of Woman

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Patricia Navarro-Issel – An example of Woman
Patricia Navarro-Issel

Patricia Navarro-Issel

Ricardo Fernandez, Mundo Fox anchor, talked about this Owner/Operator life and her success within the McDonald’s Corporation.  He started by emphasizing how the Latino community is growing in the Las Vegas market and one of the people to be recognized and it is worth to talk about her story is Patricia Navarro-Issel.

Ricardo Fernandez: “Patricia Navarro is at her peak of success.  But life has not always smiled to this successful woman that comes from Guadalajara, Jalisco (Tapatia)”.

Patricia: “The way we were raised, we had no money.  It was very difficult for my parents to cover all bills”.

Ricardo Fernandez: “27 years ago, Patricia started as a dishwasher in McDonald’s.  Inspired by her parents’ work ethic, she climbed up the ladder of success in one of the most recognized brand names in the world”.

Patricia: “When I was a store manager, I always did my very best”.

 Ricardo Fernandez: “In 2008, she sold what she had and decided to risk it all”.

Patricia: “In 2008 is when we sold the house, and with this money, well we also moved to Las Vegas, we came to Las Vegas, and gave the down payment for the stores”.

Ricardo Fernandez: “She now enjoys a luxurious life, the result of an impressive discipline.  She never lost track of her goal, even though when people would advise her the opposite”.

Patricia:  “People would tell me, why don’t you find a better job?  Why don’t you get a real job?  Why are you working for McDonald’s?  But for me, I was looking at the opportunity”.

Ricardo Fernandez: “Patricia was awarded as one of the most successful Latin women in Las Vegas.  This is one of her newest restaurants, where she works every day along with her husband and sons”.

 Ricardo on camera: The success never arrives in an easy way.  Patricia did not graduate from high school.   She got pregnant at 18 years of age, and confronted many challenges.  However, today she owns 3 McDonald’s restaurants, of course she is a Hispanic Pride.

Ricardo Fernandez: ‘The most important thing she mentioned is to put all your effort to the max”.

Patricia: “We have to continue in growing and becoming better individuals that at the end they are the owners, and a person that knows how to do the job can go forward”.

Roland on camera: she started as a dishwasher and she now owns three McDonald’s.

Ricardo on camera: It sounds easy but it is NOT.

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