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Then and Now

Then and Now

Back in 2009, when Fatima Poggi was hired at McDonald’s, she had no idea of the possibilities. Fatima was a young purivian-born girl who loved to sing yet she was unsure what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to buy a car and knew that a steady job was necessary for this to be a reality. This is what brought her to McDonald’s.

One morning, she had gone to breakfast with her mother and father and saw the Now Hiring sign, applied and was hired the same day.

Fatima often requested time off and her Owner/Operator asked what was keeping her so busy? As she explained that music was her passion, she worked to get as many singing engagements as possible. After hearing this, he suggested that she audition for the international ‘McDonald’s Voice’ competition. She did and ended up one of twelve semifinalists out of the 10,000 plus entries.

Today, Fatima is a Latin pop star with success not only in music but also in theater and film.

“Sometimes I think how lucky I was to see that Now Hiring sign”.

While an entry level position will not often lead to a career in film and music, it did provide confidence for a young girl to face the world.

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