Preparation = Opportunity

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Success“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”.  We have all heard this before, yet most people doubt that “real opportunity” will find them.

Golden Opportunities actually exist just about everywhere.  While this book speaks to the success of individuals who have worked for McDonald’s, consider finding your opportunity where ever you are working.

A retail success story  includes, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor working together at a Los Angeles boutique.  The two became fast friends over the impossibility of finding the perfect T-shirt. Following their vision of comfortable, fitted T-shirts, they set up shop in Gela’s one-bedroom Hollywood apartment with $200 and one rule: Whatever they did, they both had to be obsessed by it.

In 1988, the self-taught moguls took a risk, and launched  a self-financed maternity line — each partner contributing  $100.

Six years later…. in 1994, they parlayed their success into a range of luxury cotton shirts under their new Juicy Couture label — and in 2003, they sold their company to Liz Claiborne for $56 million.

In this 2014 NY Times article, Pamela and Gela outline how they built their fashion empire:

  • Pick the perfect partner
  • Walk before you run
  • Find your cheerleaders
  • Expect bumps and learn from them

Today, they continue to work together with their company, PAM & GELA.

“Two women’s OBSESSION with effortless style has become a world of perfect tees, sweats, and new-wave track”.

Who knew that Passion, Persistence, and $200 would create an empire of Golden Opportunity

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