Golden Opportunity:

Remarkable Careers that Began at McDonald's

Danitra Barnett

Danitra Barnett

Hired 1978

"I learned to hire people who are different from me, who have different skills, and yes, who are more intelligent than I am. I make better decisions as a result."

In April 2011, McDonald’s held an event called National Hiring Day, during which some 50,000 people were projected to be recruited at some 14,000 restaurants across the country, all on one day. When it was over, 62,000 had been hired. The event was organized by Danitra Barnett, vice president of human resources for McDonald’s USA. Her journey is remarkable. She started out flipping burgers in Detroit and worked her way up despite many obstacles. She had the courage to insist on following the path she felt was best even though others had charted another course for her.

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