Who’s in the book

Steve Plotkin

Steve Plotkin - Hired - 1969 - McJobs

“We are always developing our people and moving them up the ladder, creating the next generation of leaders.”

Drew Nieporent

Drew Nieporent - Hired 1972 - McJobs

“Seeing McDonald’s on the resumes of applicants would be a huge plus.”

Andrew Dornenburg

Andrew Dornenburg - Hired 1974 - McJobs

“It may have been Filet-O-Fish and fries at the time, the lesson was the same: it had to be hot, and it had to represent your best effort.”

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowel - Hired 1974 - McJobs

“Working at McDonald’s was my independence—the freedom of not having to ask anybody for money.”

Ana Madan

Ana Madan - Hired 1974 - McJobs

“One of my biggest challenges is keeping alive in my children the family tradition of working as hard as you can to take advantage of the opportunity we have had.”

Ed Sanchez

Ed Sanchez - Hired 1974 - McJobs

“The day I came home with a bigger paycheck than my stepfather’s, he changed his tune. ‘Wow! You really can make a career out of this.’”

Leroy Chiao, PhD

Leroy Chiao, PhD - Hired 1976 - McJobs

“My experiences at McDonald’s have translated into almost anything I’ve done.”

James Collins

James Collins - Hired 1976 - McJobs

“Do good when no one else is watching because you never know where your blessings are going to come from.”

Rick Colón

Rick Colón - Hired 1977 - McJobs

“The day I came home and told my father I got promoted to manager, he beamed with pride. ‘You’ve really made it. You’re a success!.’”

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