Golden Opportunity:

Remarkable Careers that Began at McDonald's

Travis Heriaud

Travis Heriaud

Hired 1995

"Being a franchisee is like being a small-business owner but at the same time being part of a global brand."

Almost a third of the people who own and operate McDonald’s restaurants today are second-generation franchisees and the number is rising. This trend was the subject of a front page Wall Street Journal article in March, 2012, featuring among others Travis Heriaud and his father, Lee, who own twelve restaurants in the Phoenix area. Although he was the son of an owner, Travis had to go through the same rigorous multi-year process as anyone else does to be approved as a franchisee. One of his most interesting observations is that young people’s perceptions of working in a quick-service restaurant like McDonald’s are much more positive than you’d expect.

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