Black Enterprise Magazine recognizes three of McDonald’s Great Leaders

Black Enterprise Magazine recognizes three of McDonald’s Great Leaders

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headerBlack Enterprise Magazine – Meet the 300 Most Powerful Executives—men and women who ensure their corporations’ market leadership through revenue generation, profitability, market share, and strategic development. As such, they hold top-tier and executive officer positions within the entire enterprise; operate core subsidiaries and divisions, and maintain billion-dollar budget authority. Positions include those with oversight of operations, sales, marketing, technological infrastructure, data science, product development and overall talent management and training. Congratulations to Marion Gross, Debbie Roberts and Mason Smoot from McDonald’s in making the list.

Executives had to meet the following criteria to make our roster:

Each executive holds companywide and industrywide influence among the following universe: 1,000 largest publicly traded companies; 100 largest international companies with significant U.S. operations; the S&P 500 companies; and largest privately held corporations. All companies have $1 billion or more in annual revenues.
Top-tier executives who serve as corporate officers or members of the senior leadership team.
Men and women in C-suite positions such as CEO (chief executive officer); COO (chief operating officer); CFO (chief financial officer); CAO (chief administrative officer); CIO/CTO (chief information officer/chief technology officer) or similar designation on their company’s leadership team, senior management group, executive committee, or corporate board.
Those who hold the position of Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel as members of the senior leadership/corporate strategy team also made our list.
Other titles include president, general manager, executive vice president, or another top-ranking position with significant management responsibility and budget authority.
All executives have held their positions as of Nov. 1st.
Editors have also consulted leading executives, management experts, professional organizations, and other sources as part of the selection process.

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