Richard Hill

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Richard Hill
Richard Hill

Richard Hill

One of the key skills that my jobs with McDonald’s have taught me is the value of good people working together as a team.

I have worked for McDonald’s for 42 years. I started in 1971 in Pueblo, Colorado while I was attending the University of Southern Colorado (now CSU Pueblo).
I moved up the management ranks. McDonald’s was a great job to have while going to college and it helped me get my degree in Music Education.
Frank  Sandoval, my supervisor,  was asked to purchase a restaurant in Wheat Ridge, Colorado in 1978. Frank became the first Hispanic McDonald’s Operator in Colorado. Frank asked me to come to work with him which I did. I managed the Wheat Ridge restaurant and I opened the Commerce City McDonald’s in 1980.
In 1990, I became Director of Operations. We built Frank’s organization to 17 restaurants. In 2006,  I purchased my first restaurant!
Today I have six restaurants and I’m proud to have my daughter, Sarah, and my wife, Mara, involved in the day to day operations of our company.

One of the key skills that my jobs with McDonald’s have taught me is the value of good people working together as a team. I believe strongly in the adage “if it is to be, it starts with me”. However, for success to really take place we must surround ourselves with good people. Long term success depends on help from our peers, coworkers, friends and family. The strength of a business will ultimately depend on the success of it’s people, working together.
In McDonald’s, we are a shining example of the power of teamwork.

McDonald’s is so much more than a “McJob”. McDonald’s teaches business skills and life skills. Our training classes contain material that you would see in college level courses. A McDonald’s crew person moving into management will learn about marketing, personnel issues, business statistics, developing standard operating procedures, the psychology of managing people and much more. We often tell our new managers, that if they learn to run a McDonald’s Restaurant, they will be successful in any business because of the transferable skills they have learned. I think that is borne out in Cody’s book, Golden Opportunity with the stories of just a few of the successful people that got their start at McDonald’s.

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