Susan Singleton

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Susan Singleton
Susan Singleton - Hired 1982 - McJobs

Susan Singleton – Hired 1982

“Parents who bring their kids into our restaurants are often surprised when we don’t automatically hire everybody who walks in.” – Susan Singleton

Susan Singleton found more than most at McDonald’s—a career, a business, a husband, and a leadership role in guiding the future of the company and its 2,300 US owner/operator groups. Like many others, she has a story to tell about a stranger who stepped in to help her husband and her at just the right moment, saving the day. Who stepped in and how that gesture has influenced so many other lives is just one of the inspiring aspects of her career. Today, she and her husband own six restaurants in the Chicago area and Susan is an officer of the National Leadership Council, a group that represents the interests of franchisees who are working with McDonald’s corporation.

Hired 1982 – McJobs, a Golden Opportunity.

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